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The information resource www.sanatorium-bg.info was created with the support of the health supervising parliamentary group of the National Assembly of Bulgaria.

We introduce to you the possibilities of the modern Bulgarian health industry.


In recent years, Bulgaria has achieved international recognition of results in rehabilitation and wellness programs. Rich natural resources - the sea with unique Pomorie mineral muds and a luga, mineral springs, 85% of which are hot, fresh and clean air with high natural ionization, combined with modern techniques, provide an excellent opportunity to combine relaxation with effective healing.

Sanatorium-bg provides information about medical and health facilities.Selects for you individual treatment, examination and rehabilitation programs.


Information services are provided free of charge.


According to the request of customers, Sanatorium-bg makes a reservation request for the corresponding program, upon confirmation of the reservation, accepts a deposit for the reservation and issues an electronic voucher to the client. The client pays the cost of the service on the spot at the medical / health facility. The final cost of services for the client is the same as the declared prices in medical institutions.


Bulgarian medical and rehabilitation institutions carry out rehabilitation of patients after strokes, heart attacks, heart surgeries, physiotherapeutic treatment and rehabilitation for diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems, recovery from injuries of the musculoskeletal system, muscle damage and spinal muscular atrophy. Specialists who were trained and have an internship in the best-specialized clinics in Germany, Great Britain, Israel and Spain carry out these services of the highest quality using modern equipment. Prices for these services are significantly lower than in the above mentioned countries.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

With our help, you can combine WELLNESS and HOLIDAYS in BULGARIA!

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