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Located 12 km from the airport of Burgas and 80 km from Varna


Burgas is a budget resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. An international airport connects this resort with direct flights to many European cities. Sanatorium Sveti Mina offers a complex of rehabilitation programs.

Indications for treatment


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems, recovery from stroke, heart attack, various injuries and operations, endocrine diseases and metabolic diseases.

Healing factors


Geothermal mineral waters, famous Burgas mineral mud, quantum therapy, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy, the climatological factor is a mild marine climate.

SBR "Sveti Mina"

Sanatorium "Sveti Mina" offers hotel-type accommodation and services of a rehabilitation center. All rooms are equipped with telephone, mini fridge, cable TV, and wi-fi internet.

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Balneal hotel "Sveti Mina"


The second branch of the Sveti Mina sanatorium offers hotel-type accommodation and rehabilitation center services. The rooms are equipped with mini fridge, cable TV, wi-fi internet.

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